Strengths and BenefitsSimple and practical to use, tilting bratt pans cater ideally to all kinds of foodservice formats, from small restaurants to hospitals and large centralized kitchens.They are ideal for preparing roast and braised meats, stews and casseroles, risottos and all those dishes that require various different stages of preparationThey are designed to facilitate cleaning and refilling operations: the tank can be lifted easily and quickly, with manual operation.They are equipped with rounded corners and a large drain outlet to facilitate cooking and cleaning.

Technical DetailsTilting pan made of AISI 304 stainless steelCooking pan in stainless steel with 8 mm thick bottom plate bottoms to guarantee the maximum uniformity of temperature and an enhanced output to improve consumption.Designed for the preparation of stews, sauces, risotto, side dishes, ragout, jams and to brown, cook and braise meats Available in capacities of 80 liters, or 100 liters.Efficient mechanism ensures 90-degree pan tilting. Safety micro switch automaticallycut off gas/electric power when pan tiltsHeating for gas version by stabilized flame steel burner with gas valveElectric version with clad resistance element located under the pan and controlled by thermostat (50°C – 300°C).Heavy duty adjustable feet.